Box Rental

Need Movers?

Our movers and packers are available to help with your move.
Licensed & Insured
W2 Employees
Workers Comp
Uniformed Crew
DOT# 2831170 Lic# HG8531

2 Movers & 1 truck $89 per hour
3 Movers & 1 truck $129 per hour
4 Movers & 1 truck $159 per hour
2 hour minimum
$178 Deposit required

Hire us for your move and recieve 20% off of your box rental.

The boxes were a fantastic idea. They are very sturdy and stack great. The idea was by using the boxes it would save me time with the movers. All the movers had to do is to come in and carry out boxes and furniture. It worked as planned and if you are on the fence about renting boxes vs. cardboard…rent the boxes.

Jeff W.
Lawrenceville, GA