About Us

We rent plastic moving boxes as a smart, fast, and green alternative to traditional cardboard boxes for your residential or commercial move. We also provide the truck, movers and moving labor. We are a full service moving company.

These are sturdy, stackable, weather proof, and cost 50% less on average than new cardboard boxes. These green moving boxes can be snapped shut or secured with zip ties and fit on the customized dollies for easy transport.

Reusable plastic moving boxes are delivered to your door and picked up when you unpack in Atlanta and surrounding areas.. No need to collect, tape, assemble and dispose of cardboard boxes. Moving box packages can be customized to suit your needs and rental periods can be extended.

Taggaboxes & Dollies
These reusable moving boxes are made from corrugated plastic and measure 28Lx20Wx15H and 27Lx17Wx15H. They are durable, symmetrical, sturdy, and can hold between 40 to 50lbs. The lids are heavy duty and can be snapped shut or secured with zip ties. The sturdy handles make it easy to grip and stack as you pack.

The wardrobe boxes are also made from corrugated plastic and measure 24.5Lx20.6Wx48H. They are lightweight, durable and set-up easily. The hanger bar allows you to transfer and transport clothes quickly and neatly.

When you are planning to move your home or business in Atlanta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta and other surrounding areas, gice Taggabox a call. You may wonder whether it is worthwhile to incur the expense of purchasing packing materials and cardboard boxes just to ship your items a few miles across town. It is certainly not eco-friendly to dispose of all those packing supplies and boxes after such light use yet it is often impractical to save them. But, your household goods or business inventory and supplies need to be transported safely and efficiently which raises the question: is there a suitable alternative?

Fortunately, Taggabox has an eco-friendly, and cost effective solution to this dilemma ~ reusable moving cartons for rent. Instead of paying full price for cardboard boxes that are going to end up on the curb, home and business owners can rent sturdy, durable and reusable plastic containers…Taggaboxes!

Plastic moving boxes are sturdier than traditional cardboard boxes and with their quick and easy assembly will save time when packing. The plastic moving boxes offered by Taggabox are available in every size required for your home or business move; from small cartons for books or electronics to medium-sized boxes for items such as desk lamps and decor accessories to large wardrobe boxes suitable for clothing or even dining room chairs. Plastic Taggaboxes are far stronger than cardboard which will better protect your possessions should your moving day prove to be a rainy one!  Best of all, when the move is complete, instead of having a clean up project on your hands, Taggabox will haul all the boxes away for you.

By renting reusable plastic boxes from Taggabox, not only are you selecting a convenient and easy alternative to single use cardboard boxes, you are making the environmentally responsible choice as well.

Before your next home or business move in Atlanta ~ call Taggabox first!  We’ve got you covered.